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cheep / писк
имя существительное
squeak, peep, cheep, piping
squeak, peep, cheep, pipe, pip, squall
имя существительное
a shrill squeaky cry made by a bird, typically a young one.
As you follow it along the street you begin to hear the cheeps and trills of other birds launching into a discordant chorus.
make a shrill squeaky sound.
I let out a few screams when one flapped their wings and chittered and cheeped at me.
there has not been a cheep from anybody
She made about five and was on the sixth when she heard something fall on the floor and a frightened cheep from the other room.
As the mechanical creatures quietened, a faint cheep could be heard, then a sort of indignant squawk.
There is one particularly loud and insistent cheep cheep that I wish I could identify.
an electronic cheep from the alarm
an electronic cheep from the alarm
A young woman with bright red lips and a high-pitched cheep of a voice flew at me.
The little birds in the tree kept up a constant cheep of complaint, but it didn't break cover.
If you think nature sounds CDs are merely soft, relaxing waterfalls and bird cheeps to calm you down after a long hard day, listen again.
House sparrows sing by stringing together a variety of cheeps , chirps and ‘chissiks’, and flocks can make a loud noise during courtship rituals.