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cheeky / нахальный, дерзкий, развязный
имя прилагательное
impudent, cheeky, sassy, brash, cocky, impertinent
daring, cocky, bold, audacious, insolent, cheeky
cheeky, jaunty, pert, forward, loud
имя прилагательное
impudent or irreverent, typically in an endearing or amusing way.
a cheeky grin
don't be cheeky!
Some of his questions were a bit cheeky , and I applaud you for revealing your income.
Earlier this year we were getting rid of properties after just a week and getting away with cheeky prices.
The impression was of a government dusting itself down and grinning at a cheeky escape.
People who knew him, including his teachers, would describe him as a lovable, cheeky rogue.
Jade has a cheeky grin and her eyes sparkle behind her thick-rimmed glasses.
She is slightly built and very pretty, with baby blue eyes and a wide, cheeky grin.
Nevertheless, venturing south for a cheeky weekend away turned out to be a pleasant surprise.
She said she did not feel fearful of speaking to Prince Charles, nor of appearing cheeky in asking for help.
They have a tremendous sense of perspective and although they may be a bit cheeky with it, they never do arrogance.