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checkout / контроль, отладка, испытание
имя существительное
control, monitoring, inspection, check, verification, checkout
test, trial, experience, assay, probation, checkout
имя существительное
a point at which goods are paid for in a supermarket or other store.
packaging that is scanned at the checkout counter
the administrative procedure followed when a guest leaves a hotel at the end of a stay.
checkout time
There will be displays, T-shirts and no smoking information leaflets available at every checkout .
checkout time
I was the first male checkout operator they had, and looking back on my time there, although it was a bit boring occasionally, it was a great place to work.
Although we had express checkout , I had some small matter to clear up with the front desk.
Some can be programmed to offer additional items that may be of interest to your customer during checkout .
So I say leave Christmas Day alone, shopworkers want to be with their families at this time of year, not stuck behind some checkout .
packaging that is scanned at the checkout counter
shelves near the checkout point often contain sweets, books, or magazines
I have to chug this heavy thing back to checkout and the line here is terrible.
It includes a bar-code reader so you can scan your own purchases and zoom through checkout .