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checkered / клетчатый, пестрый, изменчивый
имя прилагательное
checkered, plaid, check, square, chequered
motley, variegated, mottled, pied, checkered, patchwork
volatile, changeable, variable, mutable, checkered, fickle
имя прилагательное
having a pattern of alternating squares of different colors.
The wooden board had a checkered pattern of sixty-four black and white squares and a compartment on either side of the board.
Right now, he's a sophomore with a checkered past.
The all-time best ‘color’ is a checkered pattern of yellow and black.
Unfortunately, patterned shirts - such as plaid, striped and checkered - tend to be less versatile, and for many they can be a nightmare to mix and match.
Each image is heavily ornamented with striped columns, checkered banners, rows of squares, and other simple shapes.
What was Adams thinking when he hired a man with a checkered past and a history of skirting the rules?
The checkered past of food irradiation began nearly 50 years ago in an attempt to send can-packed bacon to troops in Vietnam.
One of the people in your report had a checkered past.
A jewel heist occurs at the hotel and the inspector immediately suspects Valentin because of his checkered past.
When I caught wind of your checkered past, I felt like a celibate.
Down the middle is a double row of checkered squares, red and white, with a black horizontal footprint just below the center.