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checker / шашка, шашки, контролер
имя существительное
checker, sword, saber, block, man, counter
checkers, chequer, chequers, draughts
controller, inspector, examiner, supervisor, checker, comptroller
checker, chequer
графить в клетку
checker, dice, chequer
размещать в шахматном порядке
checker, chequer
имя существительное
a person or thing that verifies or examines something.
a spelling checker
a cashier in a supermarket.
At a recent trip to the supermarket the checker accidentally failed to me charge for some items.
a pattern of squares, typically alternately colored.
a geometric shape bordered by checkers
a game for two players, with twelve pieces each, played on a checkerboard.
They also played board games like checkers , chess, and dominoes.
A series of essays from various regular Americans on love, work, and life in the United States, including a housewife and supermarket checker .
Ultimately, what is wanted is a computer routine similar to the grammar checker which would be programmed to highlight words and phrases which were likely to be misunderstood at the receiving end.
The floor was done in a tiled checker pattern, black and white.
Imagine her embarrassment when the checker got on the public address system and boomed out for the entire store to hear.
I don't like checker patterns and tweed-like materials in general, and the jockey hats are a tad bit weird.
Even the grammar checker on my computer has a problem with that one.
a checker design
Have you ever wondered why the grammar checker in your word processor is so terrible?
Sandy is the assistant number checker .
At a recent trip to the supermarket the checker accidentally failed to me charge for some items.