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check-up / проверка, осмотр, контроль
имя существительное
check, verification, test, examination, review, control
inspection, examination, survey, visit, checkup, view
control, monitoring, inspection, check, verification, grip
имя прилагательное
checking, test, checkup
revisory, auditorial, inspectoral, inspectorial, checkup
имя существительное
a thorough examination, especially a medical or dental one.
Minutes later the victim was driven at speed to a police station to be debriefed and have a medical check-up .
a mother and her young daughter were taken to hospital for a check-up after a fire at their home
Only two weeks ago he had a medical check-up which gave him a clean bill of health.
All who intend taking part should first seek a medical check-up with their GP.
Most people find out they have high cholesterol when they have their blood cholesterol measured as part of a medical check-up .
he went to the doctor for a check-up
He is still due to travel to the US for a medical check-up , later this year.
Make sure your clients get a medical check-up before starting any exercise program.
Your doctor may want to give your child a general medical check-up and get some blood tests.
The results of their follow-up medical check-ups in January and March are satisfactory.