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check-in / прекращение связи
имя существительное
прекращение связи
имя существительное
the act of reporting one's presence and registering, typically at an airport or hotel.
the check-in counter
the check-in counter
The number of check-in counters has doubled to 75 and all airlines will now be using a single software system.
Almost every check-in desk at the airport had a long line except for one, the airline I was taking.
Now, airlines are reaching the same point with check-in kiosks in airports.
The agent gave us instructions about the flight along with check-in times at the airport.
Instead the reception area has been set to the side and is laid out in four individual check-in counters.
We were greeted without a smile, even sullenly, at the domestic check-in counter.
the check-in counter
At the check-in desk at Stansted Airport, I was asked whether I was carrying any meat or dairy products out of the country.
The first audition, for the role of a West African female airport check-in assistant, is being held in Chatham on Friday 7 February.