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check / проверка, чек, контроль
имя существительное
check, verification, test, examination, review, control
check, draft, tab, cheque, draught
control, monitoring, inspection, check, verification, grip
check, verify, check out, test, examine, review
control, monitor, check, regulate, have control over, police
имя прилагательное
controlling, check, test, pilot, checking, telltale
checkered, plaid, check, square, chequered
имя существительное
an examination to test or ascertain accuracy, quality, or satisfactory condition.
a campaign calling for regular checks on gas appliances
a stopping or slowing of progress.
there was no check to the expansion of the market
a move by which a piece or pawn directly attacks the opponent's king. If the defending player cannot counter the attack, the king is checkmated.
A move that is neither a capture, a check nor a direct attack.
the bill in a restaurant.
Geoff looked at the check , threw some bills on the table, and taking her hand led her from the restaurant.
a crack or flaw in timber.
Sanded and rough sawn plywood will develop surface checks , especially when exposed to moisture and sunlight.
examine (something) in order to determine its accuracy, quality, or condition, or to detect the presence of something.
customs officers have the right to check all luggage
stop or slow down the progress of (something undesirable).
efforts were made to check the disease
move a piece or pawn so that (the opposing king) is under attack.
Remember: when you check a King with your Rook, you always like to have as much distance between your Rook and the enemy King as possible.
(in poker) choose not to make a bet when called upon, allowing the action to move to another player.
Each player may check , bet, call, or raise as usual, staking the required amount for each card they hold.
имя прилагательное
having a pattern of small squares.
a blue check T-shirt
expressing assent or agreement.
Great design check . Wide selection check.
used by a chess player to announce that the opponent's king has been placed in check.
McDonnell spoke no French, Annette spoke no English, and so almost the only word that passed between them in four months was ‘ check ’.
However a hydrologist would need to visit the island to check the volume and quality of water in the caves first.
All he needed was a pair of check pants and a straw hat and he'd look like the consummate car salesman.
Ben took the check up to the counter, since the waiter had never returned, while the two women went into the parking lot.
check the remix
I bought a rather nasty check suit in New York 15 years ago that I never wore.
And soon one cup of coffee morphed into two and three before we finally stood up to pay the check and leave the restaurant.
Athene intervenes to check his urge to kill Agamemnon on the spot, and he withdraws in a sulk from the fighting.
If the first player checks, the next player can bet or check , and so on clockwise around the table.
customs officers have the right to check all luggage
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