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cheater / подкупленный избиратель
имя существительное
подкупленный избиратель
имя существительное
a person who acts dishonestly in order to gain an advantage.
Does the connotation of ‘backlash’ really cover the possibility that a cheater would be punished for his cheating?
a pair of glasses or sunglasses.
These sunglasses are perfect for all reader, magnifier or cheater wearers.
Yet the tone is jauntier, more direct, as if the speaker feels relieved to have confessed her desperate need for the cheater who has her under his spell.
She lost only because her opponent was a cheater .
There he hopes to find the cheater 's code, but a confrontation with the aging Countess results in tragedy and Liza learns that Herman was using her all along.
If we have been cheated, the cheater 's time could be coming to an end.
The fear was that a deep-pocketed cheater could simply overturn the evidence against her or him.
These sunglasses are perfect for all reader, magnifier or cheater wearers.
He may well try, like some deft and charming poker player, to rope us back into another round and to assure us that he will protect us from the cheater .
The film starts with a likable and seemingly talented young man, and ends with a pitiful cheater .
On the other hand, if one cheats and the other cooperates, the cheater gets the biggest possible reward, and the cooperator loses big-time.
All in all, the aforementioned suggested actions that a professor could have undertaken would have saved me from the frustration of being accused a cheater .