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cheapskate / скряга, крохобор
имя существительное
miser, hunks, curmudgeon, cheapskate, skinflint, tightwad
cheapskate, griper, hair-splitter, penny-pincher
имя существительное
a stingy person.
You're the kind of customer that waitresses hate, you cheapskate .
she told him he was a cheapskate
The result is that I rarely purchase things for myself, have a reputation with my wife as a cheapskate , and am the only person in the house that can say ‘No’ to my son with any regularity.
So Sally's father's primary concern is not that her husband has broken his marriage vows and betrayed her but that he's unwilling to pay for it - cheapskate !
Most men consider a decent razor one of life's little luxuries, and unlike cheapskate me will pay over the odds for a better shave.
'I'm a cheapskate ,' Mike grinned as he led his friend into the kitchen.
cheapskate bosses are still paying women peanuts compared to male workers
You're the kind of customer that waitresses hate, you cheapskate .
‘I'm a cheapskate ,’ she says unapologetically.
He was a cheapskate in every other way, but he did know his perks.
The only thing that does stop me from hanging up on such callers is the offer of something free, cheapskate that I am.