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chaw / жвачка, чавканье
имя существительное
cud, chew, chicle, chaw
champ, chaw
chew, munch, masticate, chaw
slurp, chomp, champ, munch, chaw
chew (something, especially tobacco).
On an early visit, I paid $37.50 for the privilege of chawing my way through four reasonably tasty slices of porterhouse, which is several dollars more than you'll pay for a superior piece of beef down the street.
имя существительное
an act of chewing something, especially something not intended to be swallowed.
enjoying a good chaw
Some men drink to forget their anger and hurt, others smoke or chaw when their nervous but I guess, with the exception of last night, Selby sucks a lemon instead.
I worked to keep the wheel steady, watching as his lips contorted and then expelled a wet brown plug of used chaw .
Spittoons still grace the chamber, should any senator wish to gnaw on a bit of chaw , but senators are not permitted to use laptops on the floor.
a chaw of tobacco
It's not a regular habit, but I like a good chaw when I'm hiking or sitting around a campfire in the woods.
enjoying a good chaw
He had two great mounds of curls sticking out of his hat on either side of his head, and the biggest chaw of tobacco in his cheek that I've ever seen.
We could never resist the temptations of a good chaw without your help.
now just about anyone can don stetsons and chaw tobacco
Her shoulder bumps his, and he swallows his chaw .