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chatterbox / болтун, пустомеля, балаболка
имя существительное
talker, chatterbox, windbag, babbler, gossip, chatterer
chatterbox, rattle, gasser, bladder, bagpipe, rattle-brain
chatterbox, jay
имя существительное
a person who talks at length about trivial matters.
It's a week of mad, mad chatterboxes so get creative about extricating yourself from unwanted conversations.
Before this happened to Sharon she was lively and a real chatterbox .
Adu this is Anu and she is the chatterbox I was telling you about earlier.
The difference between us is, Lucian is shy and I'm a chatterbox , except when I am painting.
Judging by the differing accounts of the various things the admiral is supposed to have said as he lay there surrounded by his officers and a surgeon, he must have been a regular chatterbox .
I manage a smile, but I'll never be able to tolerate their chatter even though I'm a chatterbox too.
A chatterbox she may be, but when Julianne Moore opens her mouth, she's worth listening to.
Team talks, though, are still Coyle's domain, and those who know the chirpy chatterbox will be surprised to learn that, in his initial effort, he did not talk for long enough.
I am an amazing chatterbox at home, but I have to restrict myself at school
The mother of two daughters and four sons, Mrs Scadden was a part-time cleaner ‘who was a bit of a chatterbox and a bubbly person’.
She's a chatterbox , with a good sense of humour.