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chatter / болтовня, вибрация, щебетание
имя существительное
chatter, talk, gossip, babble, twaddle, chitchat
vibration, vibrancy, oscillation, shake, chatter, judder
chatter, twitter, chirp, chirrup
chat, talk, dangle, chatter, prattle, gossip
knock, tap, rap, chatter, hammer, thump
twitter, chirp, tweet, chatter, chirrup, chipper
имя существительное
incessant trivial talk.
a stream of idle chatter
a series of quick high-pitched sounds.
the chatter of a typewriter
talk rapidly or incessantly about trivial matters.
the kids chattered and splashed at the edge of the lagoon
I awoke in the real dead of night to the sounds of muffled chatter and hurried movements both in front and behind.
The song incorporates plenty of space effects; beeps, bleeps, buzzes and radio chatter .
The chatter was deafening as people mingled and chatted and circulated much to the bemusement of the staff as they tried to deliver food to the appropriate peripatetic diners.
officials refused to comment on a news report that the patrols were resumed due to increased Internet chatter
the starlings' constant chatter
Intelligence officials are now trying to determine who is the next target, and are sifting through chatter in search of a genuine threat.
The constant chatter coming from the television didn't seem to faze Andrea that night.
A similar need to divert the audience at every instant seems to motivate the film's incessant stream of chatter .
While chatter had been prominent the first few hours of the ride, in the last bit they had sunk into a peaceful silence.
Hopefully he'll be able to put up with me (and chatter from two little kids who will want his full attention) long enough to help me.