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chastise / наказывать, бить, карать
punish, penalize, chastise, discipline, correct, castigate
beat, hit, strike, pound, smash, chastise
punish, chastise, scourge, smite, visit, chasten
rebuke or reprimand severely.
he chastised his colleagues for their laziness
But critics from Connecticut and elsewhere chastise his embrace of nuclear power.
For instance, they don't hesitate to chastise a colleague, even if he is a personal friend, for incompetent work.
He said he would not chastise his brother for not returning home to visit the family or contact them.
In such a scene, you might expect God to chastise the people for their unbelief - or even to exact punishment on them.
It seems ironic that some would criticize the military for providing that opportunity when they chastise other departments for failing to.
Reacting to the report of her husband Herod's death, Mariam acknowledges the intricacy of her emotional response and chastises herself for her earlier censure of Julius Caesar, who famously wept at the news of Pompey's demise.
I fell victim to similar chastisements on the journey there, and I had merely bemoaned the lack of air conditioning.
Indeed, the Bible tells the story of a couple being punished after chastising Moses for having an Ethiopian wife.
Jenny finally released me and flung herself at Nikolas, gently chastising him for not returning home more often and visiting her.
We are rightly chastised and will punish ourselves for our failures.