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chaste / целомудренный, чистый, строгий
имя прилагательное
chaste, virtuous, pure, honest, vestal, continent
clean, pure, net, clear, unadulterated, chaste
strict, stringent, rigorous, severe, stern, chaste
имя прилагательное
abstaining from extramarital, or from all, sexual intercourse.
In 1997 the denomination amended its constitution to stipulate that in order to be ordained as a church leader, a person must live in a committed heterosexual relationship or be chaste .
But that relatively chaste kiss and tender embrace was as far as she would allow him to go.
Oh, they flirt casually, make eyes at each other, and share a chaste embrace or two, but we never see anything that makes us say, ‘Now they're a couple.’
Far more common are the direct iconographic or poetic references to the classical goddesses Diana, Cynthia and Astraea or to Petrarch's chaste maidens, Laura and Tuccia.
By the 1800s polite society began to place a premium on brides being virgins, and the Victorian ideal was that women should be chaste before marriage and modest afterwards.
They embraced in a chaste kiss that was long over due.
Then they held each other in an embrace that was not altogether chaste .
It stood pure, chaste , pious and impenetrable.
Hence the virginal Elizabeth, who was chaste and civilised where her queenly predecessor was promiscuous and barbaric.
At the same time, like the guest house of a Japanese temple, it provides its users with a chaste , yet strangely luxurious atmosphere in which to contemplate nature.
The girl was soft, lily-white, as pure and chaste as they came.