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chaser / истребитель, преследователь, чеканщик
имя существительное
fighter, destroyer, exterminator, chaser
pursuer, persecutor, chaser, shadower, persecute
chaser, minter, chiseller, coiner, chiseler, caulker
имя существительное
a person or thing that chases.
a drink taken after another of a different kind, typically a weak alcoholic drink after a stronger one.
bourbon on the rocks with a beer chaser
a horse for steeplechasing.
It was a phenomenal blag on McCoy's part, since most of Balding's horses were chasers , and McCoy at that time had ridden not one chase over the big fences.
He thought about buying a whisky chaser to go with the beer but decided against it.
And he has subsequently blossomed into an even more outstanding young chaser .
This will make a good novice chaser - with good prospects at Cheltenham
‘Oscar Brunel is a very nice horse and a chaser in the making,’ said his trainer, Pat Doyle.
After witnessing the warm reception that the horse received coming into the winner's enclosure, co-owner Paul Barber paid tribute to the veteran chaser .
This horse was a natural chaser from the time we first schooled him.
bourbon on the rocks with a beer chaser
A prize of £200,000 goes to the overall champion, plus £50,000 for the top chaser and £50,000 for the top hurdler.
The former chaser slipped the field turning for home and galloped 12 lengths clear by the time he cleared the final hurdle.
She drank a beer as chaser to a Vodka double on ice.