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chase / преследовать, гнаться, выгонять
pursue, chase, persecute, haunt, follow, hunt
chase, give chase, chevy, chivvy, get after, chivy
expel, kick, out, chase, drive out, cast out
имя существительное
chase, pursuit, chasing, race, rush, chivvy
persecution, pursuit, chase, chasing, victimization, manhunt
hunting, hunt, chase, shoot, shooting, sport
имя существительное
an act of pursuing someone or something.
they captured the youths after a brief chase
(in letterpress printing) a metal frame for holding the composed type and blocks being printed at one time.
On to a perfectly level tabletop known as ‘the stone,’ he dropped a heavy metal chase .
the part of a gun enclosing the bore.
Since powder pressure was greatest toward the breech, this part of the gun tube was thicker than the chase .
a groove or furrow cut in the face of a wall or other surface to receive a pipe.
Common chases - spaces for piping, ductwork and wiring - also must be designed to distribute the utility supply to tenant areas.
pursue in order to catch or catch up with.
police chased the stolen car through the city
try to make contact with (someone) in order to get something owed or required.
chasing customers who had not paid their bills
engrave (metal, or a design on metal).
a miniature container with a delicately chased floral design
The champion trainer was nervous before the novice chase at Naas, but he needn't have worried as his young hopeful romped home.
It's a contest where players' reputations will either be enhanced or tarnished as two strong teams chase glory.
The Emperor, who was preparing for the chase , escaped being made a prisoner by hardly an hour.
a chase for limited supplies of hard currency
I suspect the chase is the part they enjoy, as some skill is required riding a horse over rough terrain.
Two suspects who had fled the stolen car involved in the chase escaped and were being sought in a house-to-house search.
American collectors may link acquiring art with social status, but there is also the real joy of the chase .
Jones named an unchanged team to chase Australia's first series win in three years.
This whole area used to be Henry VIII's hunting chase , a protected patch of lush woodland to the north of the capital.
A former driving instructor led police on a 17-minute chase at up to 120 mph in a powerful BMW sports car, a court heard.