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chartreuse / картезианский монастырь, ликер шартрез
имя существительное
картезианский монастырь
ликер шартрез
имя существительное
a pale green or yellow liqueur made from brandy and aromatic herbs.
The skin should also include all the white pith (leaving the grapefruit flesh that can be cut up, sweetened and marinated in some green chartreuse for another meal like breakfast).
a dish made in a mold using pieces of meat, vegetables, or (now most often) fruit in jelly.
And then a scallop raviolo came with a chartreuse and lobster sauce that was the richest and most ambitious of the day and, as it happens, the most successful.
I want some chartreuse is that a problem with you sir?
This may not be reason enough to paint the whole house in this chilly greenish yellow, but chartreuse is certainly a color worth knowing if you're planning on being conversant in the finer points of home décor.
But the water lettuce does look pretty good, spreading the color chartreuse out across the surface of the water.
Purchase a high-contrast color such as hot pink or chartreuse .
The intermediate colors - yellow, chartreuse , and green - are similarly reversed.
Now the once-white greenhouse is painted cobalt blue and trimmed with chartreuse ; red and salmon pink roses grow beside it for vivid contrast.
For Jim it was sipping green chartreuse outside the Angel in Easingwold with only 12 miles to the York finish line.
The pipe was painted golden yellow and the box chartreuse .
Still, he deftly accessorizes the dish with flying fish roe turned chartreuse with wasabi and a clever fried wonton basket bearing snappy daikon radish and pea shoots.
When Wray slathers one of the large paintings in yellow chartreuse , the effect is jarring and delirious.