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charterer / фрахтователь, заказчик
имя существительное
customer, client, charterer
имя существительное
a person or organization that charters an aircraft, boat, or bus.
The relevant charter made between the time charterers and the ship owners will be signed before the end of the current year as well as the commencement of the conversion work.
The same ship carrying the same cargo along the same route can jump five or six times in price over the course of a few months, because the charterer doesn't know where else to find an empty ship.
However, this decision was influenced by the fact that the vessel might still be usable by the charterer for certain periods during the remainder of the charterparty.
In particular, when a ship owner becomes entitled under the terms of his contract, to withdraw a ship from the service of a time charterer , he may well wish to act swiftly and irrevocably.
Any other conclusion would or might cause injustice to the charterer because the charterer may not have available evidence which is available to the owner or disponent owner.
The loss sustained by the charterer as a result of the withdrawal of the ship was too remote.
The charterer is responsible for loss or damage to any of these parts.
The charterers shall provide the owner with a bank guarantee for the sum of 275.000 SEK, valid until all commitments of the charterer have been paid to the owner.
It should state that payment has not been received and give the charterer 48 hours to pay or lose the ship.
Under clause 8 charterers are discharged from all claims owners may have unless the claim is presented to them in writing with all available supporting documents within 90 days from completion of discharge of the cargo.
Snorkeling and diving are superb on the many coral reefs, but the sheer joy of trade-wind sailing between destinations seldom more than 10 miles apart is what draws a fleet of bareboat charterers each year.