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chart / диаграмма, график, схема
имя существительное
diagram, chart, figure, graph, pattern, plot
schedule, chart, graph, timetable, plot, diagram
scheme, diagram, circuit, schema, pattern, chart
наносить на карту
map, chart
составлять карту
имя существительное
a sheet of information in the form of a table, graph, or diagram.
a chart showing how much do-it-yourself costs compared with retail
make a map of (an area).
It wasn't until these areas were charted , the dangers known, and markets for goods discovered that private ships sailed the ocean to move goods around the planet.
(of a record) enter the weekly music charts at a particular position.
the record will probably chart at about No. 74
This should chart well next Sunday though as many fans will have it on the album I wouldn't expect it to get as far as the top ten.
A coding error may have resulted from misinterpretation of the patient's chart .
We think the singer has brilliant material, and it's the record company, not her, that made it chart really low.
Balides, embarking on his 24th mission, was there with his track chart and flight plan.
If the patient has been admitted to the hospital before, the preadmission nurse reviews the patient's previous chart as well.
the doctor recorded her blood pressure on a chart
Lee turned from the windows and followed his executive to the table, and they began to chart a new course.
Their role is to help the student acquire the data, either through the computer or patient's chart .
scribbled on a patient's chart
Most clinicians expect a patient's chart to contain reliable and valid information and understand that it serves as the legal record of the patient's care.