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charming / очаровательный, обаятельный, прелестный
имя прилагательное
charming, enchanting, fascinating, glamorous, captivating, lovely
charming, glamorous, winsome, engaging, winning, ravishing
charming, lovely, pretty, adorable, delectable, exquisite
имя прилагательное
pleasant or attractive.
a charming country cottage
delight greatly.
the books have charmed children the world over
control or achieve by or as if by magic.
pretending to charm a cobra
Frank Churchill is charming and attractive, and for a brief period Emma thinks herself in love.
She has been indefatigable in helping us to counter a threat, which may have repercussions over a far wider area, than that occupied by this charming little cottage.
You walk through Oxford, sometimes all the way up to Summertown, a charming suburb with delightful sandwich shops, wearing suits and gowns and carnations.
She was a charming girl, well brought up with perfect manners, but without doubt the most idle person I have ever met.
he can be very charming
He was pleasant, very charming , but when we were waiting for filming and he was standing behind me, he wrote on my ear with a marker pen!
Though the pavilion is a little artificial, we were enchanted by the charming music after our long walk.
The village was charming and attracted visitors from near and far.
She saw him smile, a charming , attractive smile, one that was supposed to compel her into trusting him, no doubt.
The charming old buildings and cottages are a throwback to the colonial past.