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charisma / харизма, обаяние, божий дар
имя существительное
charm, fascination, charisma, spell, glamor, allure
божий дар
имя существительное
compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others.
she enchanted guests with her charisma
a divinely conferred power or talent.
We have to learn to see such charismata when they appear; the charismatic phenomenon is essentially new and always surprising.
She had what people call charisma , you know, the way she walked, the way she behaved.
Also in terms of personal charisma he comes across to me as rather wet.
She said that he doesn't have any charm or charisma in front of the camera and that she could do a better job.
He was also a man of frightening intelligence and charisma , who charmed virtually everyone he met.
I thought someone with my charm, wit and charisma could easily get a ticket, but not so.
He has no charm or charisma and will probably be the third to leave.
He has got fantastic charisma , a great personality, wonderful kids and a wonderful wife.
He told those attending she had ‘aura, charisma and a precious gift of working with children’.
It didn't matter that everyone who worked with him said that, in private, he was charming, with genuine charisma .
I'm fascinated by this character trait known as charm or charisma .