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chariot / колесница
имя существительное
chariot, car
везти в колеснице
chariot, charioteer
ехать в колеснице
имя существительное
a two-wheeled horse-drawn vehicle used in ancient warfare and racing.
As we moved through the shadows, we slipped into an ancient world of horses, chariots and camels.
convey in or as in a chariot.
Houses are being broken into and sacked, people are injuring each other indiscriminantly, and decent folks are charioting themselves out of town with scant success.
We reached the gate, where an elegant chariot pulled by two horses stood, and the pharaoh stood beside them.
Arriving and departing for the wedding the bride and groom looked gleeful in their horse drawn chariot with driver in full regale.
The moons of Mars are named for the mythical horses that drew the chariot of Mars, the god of war.
He expresses the desire to retreat and Aeneas chastises him offering his own chariot as a vehicle.
Also featured is a four-wheeled Thracian chariot .
When he picked the man up, he arrived in a horse drawn chariot , which he drove himself.
If they rode in on a real horse, I had a golden chariot drawn by two horses.
We see men herding horses and driving horse-drawn chariots .
His body was unmarked and perfected from combat and charioting .
They imported chariots and horses from Egypt and traded them on to the Neo-Hittite and Aramean kingdoms to their north and northeast.