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chargrilled / углях
grill (food, typically meat or fish) quickly at a high heat.
Heat a griddle pan until hot and chargrill the potatoes for four to five minutes or until golden brown.
And there's only so many times you can eat raw carrots and celery: chargrilled vegetables make a good variation.
The lamb, however, is pink and tender and deliciously chargrilled and meaty.
Madame Noire had the chargrilled sirloin steak, which came with fried onions and a spicy peppercorn sauce.
Lili opted for the king prawns as her main course, while I chose the prime Scottish fillet of salmon, chargrilled with lemon juice, at £14.95.
My companion ordered the Cajun chicken dish - chicken breasts chargrilled with a blend of Cajun spices and served with a fresh fruit salsa cruda.
The chargrilled fillet steak with creamed potatoes and roasted field mushrooms was ordered medium rare and arrived medium.
You can also use regular chicken breasts, chargrilled until just tender.
Vegetarian main courses are especially enticing, with creative combinations such as chargrilled aubergine, pepper, buffalo mozzarella and pesto.
If I'm working from home, lunch will usually be chargrilled meat (often organic lamb) on a bed of salad dressed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
The chicken, free-range and chargrilled , came on long skewers on top of a heap of salad leaves laced with Parmesan and parma ham.