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charger / заряжающий
имя прилагательное
charging, loading, charger
имя существительное
loader, charger
prosecutor, accuser, denouncer, charger, denunciator, criminator
боевой конь
war-horse, charger, destrier, courser
имя существительное
a horse trained for battle; a cavalry horse.
In the bulky china cabinet were clay and porcelain and ceramic horses - painted mares and stallions and chargers , some all black or all brown or nut-colored or cream-colored.
a device for charging a battery or battery-powered equipment.
Do not use incompatible cell phone batteries and chargers .
a large, flat dish; a platter.
The First Church of Deerfield retains two large plates, or chargers , marked by the London pewterer Samuel Ellis I.
The rechargeable battery may be charged by a battery charger that is connected to the solar cell and can be optionally connected to an electrical outlet by a charging cord.
Lost for words, experiencing an unwelcome and sudden sense of dread, she mounted her own charger and spurred it after the knight, who was riding up to join King Lot.
A police investigation has indicated that two desktop computers and the battery charger were also taken.
Wingate, mounted on a grey charger , led the victory parade into Addis Abeba.
Zach placed the electric razor in its charger , and leaned up against the sink.
I plug my phone into the charger , it charges for an hour and that's it for an entire week.
Carry a battery charger / AC adapter with you on the road, and plug it in whenever you get the opportunity.
Both of them draped their cloaks around themselves and mounted their horses as she galloped up on her grey charger .
Garrett said nothing, jogged his spurs into the charger 's flanks and rode forward.
The contrast the white charger and silver knight made as they cantered toward the castle was an inspiring sight that was not lost on her.