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charcoal / уголь, древесный уголь, рашкуль
имя существительное
coal, carbon, charcoal
древесный уголь
charcoal, char, xylanthrax
рисунок углем
рисовать углем
отмечать углем
имя существительное
a porous black solid, consisting of an amorphous form of carbon, obtained as a residue when wood, bone, or other organic matter is heated in the absence of air.
When burnt, charcoal gives off carbon monoxide which can kill in a confined space.
cook over charcoal.
charcoaled lobster
When burnt, charcoal gives off carbon monoxide which can kill in a confined space.
lamb grilled on charcoal
Punk-style jeans offer a rugged look - take your pick among black, charcoal , and very light blue shades.
High cheekbones emphasized her straight nose, full lips, and stunning charcoal gray eyes.
This includes incinerators and barbecues which burn solid fuel, e.g. wood or charcoal .
Pieces were set around a strict palette of ultra black, jet, charcoal and pewter with shots of colour and scatterings of silver sparkle and crystal.
Although the counter also contains a gas-burning barbecue, the Elledges cook on the grill, with wood or charcoal as fuel, most of the time.
He also proved that diamond and charcoal both consist of carbon atoms, so are chemically identical.
Equally valid is exploitation of renewable resources, for example, of grass for grazing, papyrus for thatch, or wood for charcoal .
Two charcoal burning furnaces had been erected to turn wattle wood into charcoal .