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charade / шарада
имя существительное
имя существительное
an absurd pretense intended to create a pleasant or respectable appearance.
talk of unity was nothing more than a charade
But fortunately, as part of my ongoing charade of being a writer, I have a pad and pen with me.
"It is time to end this charade , " she said menacingly.
This charade of an interview was nothing more than a commercial for appeasement.
So they went farther and farther until they couldn't keep the charade going any more.
Cyril confesses to never taking to parliament as an institution and described it as a charade and a farce.
When it's presented in this way, most women can see chivalry for the silly charade it really is.
Or would he have continued this charade and pretended he was going to medical school?
talk of unity was nothing more than a charade
This budget is a pure charade with more hidden tax than the publicised ones.
A glance at the list of candidates shows that the whole thing is a charade .