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characterize / охарактеризовать, характеризовать, отличать
characterize, describe
characterize, describe, distinguish, character, designate, mark
differ, distinguish, differentiate, difference, discern, characterize
describe the distinctive nature or features of.
the historian characterized the period as the decade of revolution
(of a feature or quality) be typical or characteristic of.
the disease is characterized by weakening of the immune system
Consistently high temperatures, with no distinct dry season, characterize the climate of this region.
Only the most revisionist historian would characterize the Confederacy as an insurgency.
It's just not accurate to characterize newspaper design as anything but dynamic.
Some historians characterize Du Bois's thinking as riddled with contradiction.
Because performance was so good, it was difficult to characterize differences associated with better or worse performance.
Mr. Kendall testified that what was being described he would characterize as a workmanship deficiency.
Many liberals in the media and otherwise have made similar characterizations .
The second stage is characterized as a period of change in syntax and morphology yet stability in lexicon and fluency.
These differing characterizations lead to quite different conventions.
In a context such as the present, it is necessary to identify and characterise the suggested error, and relate it to the legal rubric under which a decision is challenged.