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chaps / братва
имя существительное
lads, chaps
имя существительное
leather pants without a seat, worn by a cowboy over ordinary pants to protect the legs.
Women riders' leather clothing and apparel ensemble include motorcycle leather jackets, vests, gloves, chaps , pants, boots and more.
имя существительное
a cracked or sore patch on the skin.
Our lips will be covered in chaps .
a man or a boy.
Eventually, I talked to a chap who promised to sort things out and he asked me to fax the bill through.
the lower jaw or half of the cheek, especially that of a pig used as food.
They carry their meat in the storehouses of their own chaps or cheeks, taking it forth when they are hungry.
(of the skin) become cracked, rough, or sore, typically through exposure to cold weather.
It's stopped my skin chapping when I used to go round lambing the ewes.
They wore chaps criss-crossed with scars from needle sharp cactus, their hats were badly weathered, having survived many suns, winds and rains.
And he was wearing a 10-gallon hat, a leather vest, chaps , boots and the whole Hollywood cowboy outfit.
She was wearing a jacket over a button up shirt with a pair of worn jeans and chaps .
It was a hot day, so neither of them wore their pocketed vests or leather chaps which protected their legs from thorns, horse bites and bad weather.
He wore a blue cotton shirt, jeans and leather chaps , boots.
She pulled on the black shirt, black pants, black vest, black chaps and her black hat.
He was wearing a fresh shirt, leather vest, jeans, and chaps .
Soon, Ansley had a helmet and chaps , and was given a leg up onto King's back.
I had the whole outfit as a child - guns, hat and chaps , in which I'd terrorise my sister in the name of justice and the American way.
Kyle opens the door and strolls into the gallery wearing leather chaps and a tattered sombrero.