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chappie / парнишка, паренек
имя существительное
chappie, laddie, chappy
lad, chappy, laddie, chappie, shaver
Yes, the cheeky chappie 's behaviour is disgraceful, isn't it?
There was rumour that the cheeky chappie was going to come on down and open it at the official ceremony, but I don't think that ever happened.
Love him or hate him, you've got to admit that the cheeky chappie knows to write a cracking pop song.
Seems he's an elusive chappie , and a whole line of research would be needed to find him out entirely.
Okay, you all must have seen the Guardian story on Evan Williams, the chappie who runs this great service for free, by now.
My Eastbourne Leak tells me a strange tale of a cheeky chappie among local divers who seems to be using conservation as a cover for a more dubious plan.
Ian Fairhurst was a happier chappie this week as City have won two consecutive games throwing them a lifeline in the fight against relegation.
After a while I noticed that my leg was being pressured by the knee of a cheeky-looking chappie who was sitting by the door.
Well, two of my local councillors showed up - both dapper chappies , a younger bloke with a furrowed brow and an older gentleman with the finest quiff I have ever seen on a man over 60.
Our deeply religious chappies did not however give the little boy who was sweeping the railway compartment a single coin.