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chaplain / капеллан, священник
имя существительное
priest, clergyman, minister, chaplain, parson, reverend
имя существительное
a member of the clergy attached to a private chapel, institution, ship, branch of the armed forces, etc..
Prison chaplains reflect the same wide variety of theological beliefs as religious leaders on the other side of the bars.
Witnesses were limited to the hangman and his assistants, a few prison guards and a chaplain .
Coun Dodd is an Anglican priest who spent several years as a hospital chaplain at Castle Hill hospital near Hull.
Leading fee-paying schools in Edinburgh, meanwhile, have a Presbyterian chaplain .
Each morning we got together to hear God's Word preached by the chaplain .
In the course of making an escape from prison Taylor shoots the prison chaplain .
Chapel attendance was low and many soldiers later said they did not even know who the chaplain was.
He spends the next half hour with the chaplain and then the chaplain helps him back to the lines and arranges for him to fly out home.
a prison chaplain
A Church Commissioner, he was formerly a vicar in Manchester and earlier an assistant chaplain at Eton.
In just a short time, the chaplain had affected their lives in a remarkable way.