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chapel / часовня, капелла, церковь
имя существительное
chapel, chantry, oratory
church, chapel, kirk
имя существительное
a small building for Christian worship, typically one attached to an institution or private house.
a service in the chapel
the members or branch of a labor union at a particular place of work.
The National Union of Journalists has a chapel of over 50 members and is growing.
I attended a secondary school which was supposed to have a Christian ethos, had its own chapel , and had a chaplain linked to the school.
The chapel has already won 100 percent support in a strike ballot to defend Mark and will be meeting this week to decide its next move.
It was the first Nonconformist chapel in the area.
If it was all about the same God why couldn't I go to chapel instead of the church?
There is a chapel and a mosque on campus, and on Fridays, some of my Tanzanian friends and I would go to a Christian fellowship at the chapel .
At the center of this church is a chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary, with paintings by Leopold Layer.
Banqueting rooms and a private chapel will be available for hire, allowing the monastery to host weddings and family occasions once again.
Mass for all our young people will be in the famous college chapel .
Five weeks later she was christened in the chapel of Buckingham Palace and was given the names Elizabeth Alexandra Mary.
A communion table and other Christian artefacts have been removed from a hospital chapel to accommodate visitors of all faiths.