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chap / парень, малый, трещина
имя существительное
guy, boy, fellow, kid, lad, chap
fellow, guy, chap, bloke, cove, Johnny
crack, fissure, fracture, rift, break, chap
split, crack, split up, clove, cleave, chap
crack, split, pop, chap, spring, flaw
образовывать трещину
имя существительное
a cracked or sore patch on the skin.
Our lips will be covered in chaps .
a man or a boy.
Eventually, I talked to a chap who promised to sort things out and he asked me to fax the bill through.
the lower jaw or half of the cheek, especially that of a pig used as food.
They carry their meat in the storehouses of their own chaps or cheeks, taking it forth when they are hungry.
(of the skin) become cracked, rough, or sore, typically through exposure to cold weather.
It's stopped my skin chapping when I used to go round lambing the ewes.
He is described as a quiet man, and by one acquaintance as a ‘strange sort of chap .’
best of luck, old chap
‘He was, surprisingly, quite a quiet chap ,’ recalls the Scot.
This tall, dark and lithe chap hoovers up food and never gains an ounce, whilst I weep for my waistline.
He was a laid-back and friendly chap who loved a beer and his sport.
A cute picture of the kids tells a man's colleagues that he's a well-rounded chap who loves his family.
The best male singer was a chap called Stanley who the audience showed wild appreciation for.
You hire a bouncer because you want to keep people out, whereas a restaurant is the sort of place where a chap wants to feel that they want him to come in.
He is a nervy, jumpy sort of a chap , who follows people with his eyes as they move about a room.
Just this morning we took delivery (from a very nice chap named Mike) of three vintage typewriters.