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chant / петь, воспевать, скандировать
sing, chant, tune, warble, pipe, descant
carol, chant, sing, anthem
scan, chant
имя существительное
chant, motet
canto, chant, canticle, lay, warble
монотонное песнопение
имя существительное
a repeated rhythmic phrase, typically one shouted or sung in unison by a crowd.
The rhythmic chant spread through the crowd of hundreds of thousands that filled Kiev's Independence Square on the evening of November 22.
a short musical passage in two or more phrases used for singing unmetrical words; a psalm or canticle sung to such music.
Although I enjoy chants and church music quite a bit, I had not, for some time, felt the need to attend a church service.
say or shout repeatedly in a singsong tone.
protesters were chanting slogans
We must simply accept a phenomenon whereby the sheer beauty of sound in medieval chant has swept so many off their feet.
Then we begin stripping the altar and the entire chancel while the choir and the congregation chant Psalm 22 antiphonally.
The Guru's followers were not required to chant Sanskrit hymns before stone idols, but sang hymns composed by the Guru himself in their mother-tongue.
He says he's more than just an activist repeating a familiar chant .
The first part consists of an antiphonal chant from the Service for the Thursday Preceding Good Friday.
As the bands play, militant hippies outside, balking at the $14 admission price, chant for free music and clash bloodily with police.
It's a style that characterises Byzantine chant , which emerged in the Eastern Church, and is continued in today's Greek Orthodox tradition.
he was whispering something, repeating it like a chant or a mantra
priests and choir chant the story of the resurrection
Zekhr is a meditative chant which repeats the name of Allah and his attributes, in order to bring one to a state of union with the Divine.