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changer / переключатель
имя существительное
a person or thing that changes something.
We didn't go for speed, we just went for people who had proved themselves in the past to be very competent baton changers and then the plan was to send out the fastest four in the semi finals.
Kenwood's all-in-one solution gives you a 6.1-speaker, 750-watt speaker system as well as a five-disc DVD changer .
A CD changer is also three times the cost of a USB port, and a car need no longer be cluttered with CDs risking theft or damage.
In other news, it's oddly gratifying to take a Belle and Sebastian CD out of your changer and put in Poison's greatest hits, but that's a story for another time…
After all, the significantly reduced size of an MP3 file means you can fit the contents of eight or more regular audio CDs onto a single CDR and gives you the functionality of a multi-disk CD changer even if your player only holds one disk.
He said: ‘Christine needs his help as chief diaper changer !’
If there was ever a creator of wealth on a fantastic scale, ever a changer of custom and social values, ever a determinant of where our culture is headed and why, it's Moore's Law.
It's nice to see fair uses of copyright figure largely into a new device, as this is essentially a $300 super CD and DVD changer than can hold as many albums and movies as you have hard drive space for.
Now the CD changer on my downstairs stereo appears to have given up the ghost.
‘I am much more involved than my father was - I am a regular nappy changer ,’ he said.
You get electric windows and mirrors, climate control, numerous airbags and a CD changer as part of the deal.