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changeover / переключение, изменение, перенастройка
имя существительное
switching, switch, shift, shifting, changeover, switch-over
change, variation, modification, alteration, shift, changeover
имя существительное
a change from one system or situation to another.
The supermarket had adapted all its checkouts to handle both currencies during the changeover period.
Before that, however, the euro changeover will push up inflation over the next few months.
The same changeover from a basic rate payer to a zero payer turns each £100 into £125.
These farmers will lose money as a direct result of the changeover .
The changeover time can be extremely difficult to manage with customers who want to call up and say, What do I owe you?
This seminar will provide information on the changeover to the Euro and the implications it will have for business.
The changeover board yesterday said they did not know why some households had not received a converter.
Generally most people I have spoken to are embracing the changeover and finding it pretty easy.
the changeover period
the changeover to the euro
There is a changeover period this year until October when both old and new numbers can be used.