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changeling / подменыш
defector, skinwalker
имя существительное
a child believed to have been secretly substituted by fairies for the parents' real child in infancy.
As in the Bard's plot, there is the Fairy King Oberon at odds over a changeling boy with his Fairy Queen Titanis and a number of starcrossed lovers in The Faerie Queen.
But David was just supposed to be a mechanical changeling .
Oberon reports to Robin that the enchanted Titania has given him the changeling , and proceeds to undo the spell: waking, Titania at first thinks her passion for Bottom was a dream before seeing him asleep.
Titania first appears in a blue silk ball gown, carrying the changeling as a baby.
The quarreling between Oberon and Titania over the changeling boy leads to the king wanting to embarrass Titania with the love juice by making her fall in love with a monster.
I don't know if she's a changeling as well, but we'll soon find out, won't we?
Despite her good deeds, this wizened enchantress's sinister duality surfaces when she senses the threat of a changeling among the Quinn clan.
The changeling is the quintessential symbol of the child who feels detached from her family.
It's a simple, blunt question for a person who felt like a changeling in someone else's family.
Perhaps he was rescued, and a substitute or changeling died instead?
They carry off mortals, most often children, if they are beautiful or otherwise exceptional, leaving a changeling behind.