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chancy / рискованный, счастливый, удачный
имя прилагательное
risky, perilous, precarious, dicey, dangerous, chancy
happy, lucky, fortunate, blissful, blessed, chancy
successful, fortunate, lucky, felicitous, happy, chancy
имя прилагательное
subject to unpredictable changes and circumstances.
the screening process was likely to be chancy and unreliable
It was chancy , but even Brenda knew that taking risks was all part of the fun of living one's life.
The natural souring of unpasteurized milk is a chancy business.
Intervening on behalf of democracy is chancy enough.
When the construct is killed, reconnecting my consciousness with my body is a very chancy business.
J. K. Galbraith pointed out a long time ago that the smartest businesspeople abhor true competition - it's much too expensive and chancy - far better to monopolise the market for public services and pocket all the profits.
But intelligence-gathering has always been a chancy business.
The restoration to favour of forgotten books and authors is always a chancy business.
Predicting tomorrow's weather is chancy business, let alone a five-day forecast.
It brought home to me what I already knew - that going tench fishing with only one or two bait options could be a chancy business.
‘That's clumsy, chancy and too dangerous for Bannon to try,’ Cole said flatly, ‘my employer isn't that stupid.’