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chance / шанс, возможность, вероятность
имя существительное
chance, break, potluck, hazard, look-in
opportunity, possibility, potential, capacity, ability, chance
probability, likelihood, chance, possibility, credibility, likeliness
имя прилагательное
random, casual, accidental, chance, occasional, incidental
take a chance, chance, have a go at, go nap on
happen, occur, be, match, take place, chance
имя прилагательное
fortuitous; accidental.
a chance meeting
имя существительное
a possibility of something happening.
a chance of victory
the occurrence and development of events in the absence of any obvious design.
he met his brother by chance
do something by accident or without design.
if they chanced to meet
do (something) despite its being dangerous or of uncertain outcome.
she waited a few seconds and chanced another look
A fortuitous occurrence was something that happened by good fortune and not merely by chance or accident.
In the field, he has played well since making a throwing error on his first chance .
Purely by chance , she chose a colour that would never go out of fashion.
there's a good chance of rain
It was a lack of putting touch that cost Ashworth the chance of achieving his long-held dream of playing in The Open.
Most people would agree that Castle-dermot deserves the chance to achieve this potential.
No dwellings of any sort where someone might chance to see how she met her end.
Together these parties have a chance of achieving an electoral breakthrough that has eluded the left for six decades.
The Barbarians game I see as an opportunity too; a chance to earn selection for the home tests in June.
Bolton girls are once again being given the opportunity to win the chance of a glamorous modelling career.