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champagne / шампанское
имя существительное
champagne, bubbly, fizz
имя существительное
a white sparkling wine associated with celebration and regarded as a symbol of luxury, typically that made in the Champagne region of France.
They drank French champagne out of crystal flutes and toasted to a long and prosperous future.
имя существительное
a region and former province in northeastern France that now corresponds to the Champagne-Ardenne administrative region. It is noted for the white sparkling wine first produced here in about 1700.
Some teams that are in cap trouble will be breaking open champagne bottles if their players are selected.
the couple celebrated with a glass of champagne
As well as the champagne colour, you can also get this in white, with prices from free and up
Ella replied smoothly, taking a glass of what seemed to be champagne from a passing waiter.
The champagne was finally uncorked in August 1981 when a management buy-out saved all the jobs.
But don't pop open the champagne bottles just yet.
But the great outdoors here mean more than quaffing champagne in the spa pool.
I think i'm buying a champagne coloured wedding dress but not sure what colour of bridesmaid dress to go for.
Will the stars have to go without hair dryers and champagne on ice?
And they served the pink champagne , and Dali talked all the time.