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champ / чемпион, чавканье
имя существительное
champion, champ, titleholder
champ, chaw
slurp, chomp, champ, munch, chaw
громко жевать
имя существительное
a champion.
I like the Vikings as NFC champs and Super Bowl runners-up.
he showed the style that was to turn him into a world champ
Then there's the 2003 champ , Matthias, from Switzerland, who mounts fish and is starting to struggle with his conscience.
When his wife runs off with the local darts champ , Colin sets off to Blackpool to win her back.
Over the years, the number of national champs there dwindled as more and more people in the rest of the country joined in the search for big trees.
After the white oak the actual ranking of eastern champions becomes somewhat arbitrary because successive champs are often separated by only a few points.
An unseemly ruck developed for his services, before he eventually chose European champions Northampton ahead of English champs Leicester.
After the successful launch of last year's snow season in Bulgaria's top winter resort of Bansko with Italian Alberto Tomba, another two skiing champs will cut the ribbon this year.
I went to high school with future champs .
So Ferrari are defending champs in both championships.
I like the Vikings as NFC champs and Super Bowl runners-up.