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chamois / серна, замша, коричнево-желтый цвет
имя существительное
suede, chamois, deerskin, shammy, doeskin, shammy-leather
коричнево-желтый цвет
выделывать кожу под замшу
протирать или полировать замшей
имя существительное
an agile goat-antelope with short hooked horns, found in mountainous areas of Europe from Spain to the Caucasus.
Their digestive tract is adapted to break down fairly large bones such as the femur of the chamois , the small, goatlike antelope of the Alps.
a type of soft pliable leather now made from sheepskin or lambskin.
Yes, it's like thick chamois leather , very tough and it's nothing like the sort of stuff that you have on the chicken breast out of that frozen chicken or anything like that, which seems to tear in your hand.
He did research into deer, chamois and pigs, each for a period of ten years.
She'd stripped away almost all her Rim armour, down to the breastplate and chamois breeches.
There were chamois and small bears on the avalanche slopes.
I wonder, when he suggests ‘polishing the Ford Blue Oval’ is this career advice for those getting the axe - just grab a chamois and forge a new career path at your local car wash?
Pick up several pairs of chamois or gel-padded bike shorts for your ride.
The three-layer chamois lining gives you extra padding to help prevent saddle chafing.
Two important national symbols are the linden tree and the chamois , a European antelope, both of which are abundant throughout the country.
The thought of a wet, rubbing chamois for the next six hours kept me upright.
Wipe off any excess debris with your dry chamois or cotton cloth; just be careful not to scratch the leather.
A pioneering animal ecologist invited him to join him as a technician engaged in animal research in the Cupola Basin doing identification of plants and their flowering periods and the effect that deer and chamois had on these plants.