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chamfer / фаска, скос, выемка
имя существительное
chamfer, facet, bevel, face, flat
bevel, slant, chamfer, skew, rake, scarf
recess, notch, groove, excavation, hollow, chamfer
скашивать острые углы
стесывать острые углы
вынимать пазы
имя существительное
a symmetrical sloping surface at an edge or corner.
There are unfortunate chamfers on the back corners of the plan to allow for rights of light of neighbouring buildings.
in carpentry, cut away (a right-angled edge or corner) to make a symmetrical sloping edge.
The front corners are more chamfered , the headlights cut into the bumper, flanking a lower front grille.
This is fairly unlikely as the tool for machining the head tube cuts the chamfer and faces the top of the head tube at the same time, leaving the correct length of cylindrical section above the chamfer .
However, cutting away all the wood from the front edge of the splat to this line would have produced too sharp a chamfer .
In spite of this unusual method of use, the tool performed well in cutting a chamfer .
The lead-in chamfer in the design compensates for any misalignment during tube insertion.
Lacking a lathe, you should be able to carefully grind a chamfer on a suitable bolt.
The front edge of the cylinder is given a Colt blackpowder-style chamfer from the 1880s.
These figures are based on models which Morris designed c.1864-66 for the painting of the ceiling chamfer in the Chapel of Jesus College, Cambridge.
The rear screw hole had to be drilled at an angle through the top chamfer , next to the side of the throat mortise.
At each end of the bridge the rings are cut away to form a chamfer , to which are attached large compression yokes transferring loads to the abutments.
The planks have to be drilled and riveted together side by side with a diagonal chamfer at their ends.