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chambermaid / горничная, горничная в гостинице
имя существительное
maid, housemaid, chambermaid, parlourmaid, parlormaid, stewardess
горничная в гостинице
имя существительное
a maid who cleans bedrooms and bathrooms, especially in a hotel.
Women worked as hotel chambermaids , housekeepers, babysitters, factory and fast-food workers, and nursing home aids.
So when she heard a knock on her hotel door she just presumed that it was a chambermaid , she certainly didn't expect to see a strange woman wearing a dark tailored suit and a look of total amazement.
When the chambermaid returned to take her plate, Lady Anna entered with her.
She started as a chambermaid at the hotel four years ago, after working at the Elmbank Hotel for 13 years.
Wilma worked for the Best Western hotel as a chambermaid .
Eventually Joseph falls in love with Fanny, a milkmaid, becomes footman to Sir Thomas and Lady Booby, and, together with Mrs Slipslop the chambermaid , attends them for their season in London.
She did not look like a chambermaid , but a young lady taking a ride alone in the woods.
‘The language skills required by a hotel receptionist will be different to those required by a chambermaid ,’ he said.
Okwe has a tentative relationship with Senay, a Turkish refugee who works as a chambermaid at the same hotel in violation of her status.
I was a chambermaid in a German hotel on the Baltic Sea.
She worked in a hotel, starting as a chambermaid , but she ended up as receptionist and basically running it.