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chamber / камера, палата, комната
имя существительное
camera, chamber, cell, bladder, ward, coffer
chamber, ward, house
room, apartment, chamber, lodgings
имя прилагательное
заключать в камеру
drill, bore, chamber, scoop
ream, chamber
имя существительное
a large room used for formal or public events.
The new courthouse features 14 courtrooms and judicial chambers for the U.S. District Court and the U.S. Magistrate.
a private room, typically a bedroom.
he had his meals brought to his chamber
an enclosed space or cavity.
an echo chamber
of or for a small group of instruments.
a chamber concert
place (a bullet) into the chamber of a gun.
His dad had just finished chambering his last bullets.
Be sure to grip the fruit firmly behind the eyes where the neck meets the seed chamber , failure to do so may result in the fruit biting you.
A cast of more than 30 dancers will perform accompanied by a chamber orchestra.
Using historical photographs, they restored the rotunda and legislative chamber to their original antebellum style.
An underground chamber can't be put on the back of a truck and moved out.
Hope was rising last night that rescuers would soon break into the underground chamber where nine Pennsylvania coal miners have been trapped in a flooded mine shaft for almost four days.
When it arrived, I discovered that every other chamber was bored wrong and would not accept a round.
In the time of the Merovingian kings, the Pont de l' Alma was an underground chamber .
He remembered something from boy-scout camp about having to chamber a bullet in an automatic before you could begin firing.
The last time they met in the crescent chamber , it was in funeral black, with Donald Dewar's seat left empty to mark their grief.
But it's a bit wider around and the casing chamber 's more hollowed.