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challenging / стимулирующий, побуждающий, манящий
имя прилагательное
stimulating, challenging, stimulant, stimulative, provocative, invigorative
urging, challenging, propulsive, stimulant, impulsive, impellent
inviting, challenging
имя прилагательное
testing one's abilities; demanding.
challenging and rewarding employment
invite (someone) to engage in a contest.
he challenged one of my men to a duel
dispute the truth or validity of.
employees challenged the company's requirement
expose (the immune system) to pathogenic organisms or antigens.
The animals were not challenged with antigen after sensitization as the aim was to study the biochemical changes due to sensitization alone.
Clearly they'd got their adrenalin highs on the challenging white waters of the Black River.
Director Charlotte George has done well to maintain a straightforward approach to highly challenging material.
Never shy about belting out R-rated language, he enjoys challenging staff members on issues, even at parties.
The topic is "Being a parent is a very challenging role in today's society."
The first year is going to be most challenging .
The evaluation of suicide risk is a challenging clinical task.
Here I saw one of our Pacific neighbours going through a very challenging time.
The nine-mile route with 4000 ft of climb is a challenging proposition.
Fairview is a 1,500-foot granite dome formed by glaciation, with a challenging , nearly vertical face.
Esther will bring her own Birmingham-based band, with some challenging arrangements by pianist Gerry Spencer.