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chalkboard / классной доски
whiteboard, blackboard
The chalk cross was positioned on the chalkboard to help engineers locate the center of the picture.
And when asked to underline the qualitative adjective in a sentence written out on the chalkboard , the star pupil homes in on the adverb.
Dana looked away from the chalkboard to notice that the movie had started.
A schoolhouse on the same compound had a chalkboard with instructions on how to make roadside bombs, he said.
He made you feel like nails screeching on a chalkboard , to be around him.
I stare straight ahead at the chalkboard where Mrs. Hileman is demonstrating math problems.
From there they will conduct their major project work: restoring old chalkboards in public schools throughout the island.
The next morning, chalkboards and desks reappear right where teachers left them, but for a few brief in-between hours, anything can happen.
‘There will be lines of tables, chalkboards advertising the specials and we're going to clean up the wood floor and make it really appealing,’ he said.
Good, everyone please take out your chalkboards .