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chalk / мел, мелок, известь
имя существительное
chalk, whiting, whitening
lime, chalk, calx
рисовать мелом
удобрять известью
chalk, lime
натирать мелом
имя существительное
a soft white limestone (calcium carbonate) formed from the skeletal remains of sea creatures.
Calcium carbonate exists as whole mountain ranges of chalk , limestone, and marble.
draw or write with chalk.
I have been drawing, painting and chalking since I was 2 years old.
rub (something, especially a pool cue) with chalk.
Former world champion Steve Davis chalks his cue as the UK Snooker Championships got under way today at York's Barbican Centre.
charge (drinks bought in a bar) to a person's account.
limestones, in vineyard terms, may be normal rocky limestones or chalk , the first being much more common and its drainage properties rather variable.
I turned quickly and grabbed a piece of chalk off the black board on one of the walls.
Taking only a moment to chalk his cue, he got down on the table and potted the five.
The unconformity surface is overlain by sandstone, reworked chalk or tuff, and represents submarine or subaerial erosion and missing section.
Again Dave explains that this is a fantastic place for wildlife and one of the few places in the country where you can see white chalk cliffs untouched by man.
The air smells like moist potting soil, the skin of potatoes… the damp chalk of limestone.
I got up and found a perfect piece of white chalk waiting for me.
He portrays his wife with the lightest of touches, using red chalk , heightened with white in soft, feathery strokes which evince the profound French influence on his art.
As the androids began their attack, Ravena noticed that their eyes were as white as chalk .
The whole class stopped, their eyes on me, and the teacher turned away from the board and pointed a short stub of blackboard chalk at me.