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chaise / фаэтон, почтовая карета
имя существительное
phaeton, chaise, shay
почтовая карета
coach, stagecoach, mail-coach, chaise, post-coach, post-chaise
I heard by a waggoner that there was a person who he saw follow the chaise , he described him, and by that means I found him out
I got out of my chaise and went to the prisoner, who was sitting on horseback, and called him, I believe, a rascal or a scoundrel, or something of that sort; he made me no reply
If more furniture is needed, consider a cozy upholstered chair and ottoman or chaise , and create a reading nook in one corner.
I took a more feminine approach and lay on the chaise beside his chair, crossing my legs at the ankles and placing my hands behind my head.
I can recommend chaise longues or sofa beds, but cannot source a left-hand facing chaise that converts into a sofa bed - the idea being that a chaise is, to some extent, used as a day bed, anyway.
Other images bask in incongruity, as when a hulking elk lounges in a wicker chaise at what might be a company picnic.
In the evening a Hackney Chaisman drove his horse and chaise into the watering place in Barrack St,
They'll be doing all the heavy lifting while I lie around on a chaise in marabou slippers sipping champagne, occasionally tossing out tipsy asides while trying not to slosh my drink.
Every inch of ceiling space had been used to suspend drying herbs, and there was a small fireplace in one corner, with several chairs and a chaise scattered around it.
As a son of Mr Hurrill's of Brandon Hall, Essex (probably Brundon Hall) was returning from Hedingham in a single horse chaise with his two sisters the horse proved unruly