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chairperson / председатель
имя существительное
chairman, chairperson, president, chair, prolocutor
имя существительное
a chairman or chairwoman (used as a neutral alternative).
Lord mayors and council chairpersons from all over Ireland met in the Seven Oaks Hotel recently for a training forum organised by the General Council of County Councils.
The lack of a chairperson providing leadership has also had a major detrimental impact.
As chairperson of Ballycroy Community Council he welcomed everyone to the parish.
She sits as a recorder and she is also a part-time chairperson of employment tribunals.
It is of paramount importance that the chairperson and the director work well together.
she's the chairperson of the committee
In the last three years there has been a massive and pointless process of appointing directors, chairpersons , executives, committees and managers, of proposals, objections, enquiries, planning and publishing and consultation.
Most of the focus groups met during the daytime: the focus group chairpersons whose employment directly included their participation in the West Gate partnership did not like more evening meetings than were necessary.
Held in Athlone, the special training course was attended by newly elected mayors and council chairpersons from every county.
The commission will comprise a chairperson, three deputy chairpersons and three other members and will be elected for a term of six years by Parliament.
Up to now local public representatives, excluding council chairpersons and mayors, have only received expenses for their work.